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Treatment of osteochondrosis.

Hondrocream for healthy joints: live pro-actively!

Vertebral column and joints diseases take the leading position among musculoskeletal system disorders. Degenerative disc disease, arthritis, arthrosis – all these illnesses come with strong pain in joints and muscular tissue. Sometimes pain is so sharp that the person can't carry out daily routine and has to give up regular physical activity.

Joints diseases lead to the deterioration of patient's life quality. In certain cases it is only possible to control the pain syndrome using hormonal steroidal with an anti-inflammatory effect, but such drugs have a variety of contra indications and drug side effects (up to a rupture of cartilaginous tissue). For safe and effective musculoskeletal system disorders treatment medical doctors recommend to use reliable solutions. One such a solution is Hondrocream.

Life without pain

People suffering from low-back, back and neck pain can't lead a way of life they are used to. Sometimes illness progresses to the extent that the joint mobility is almost completely lost. As a result the patient spends the most part of time in sitting or lying position. Due to the lack of the movement the muscular tissue begins to atrophy that leads to a recrudescence and can cause cartilage and connective tissue deformation.

Hondrocream for a joint pain promptly takes out inflammation, controls pain, prevents cartilages degradation and revives joints mobility. This medicinal product is effective for any musculoskeletal system disorder which comes with pain or discomfort during walking, as well as for diagnosed inflammatory processes in the articular capsule or juxta-articular space.

Indications and usage?

Hondrocream for back pain can be used in the pain phenomenon symptomatic treatment of degenerative disc disease, gouty arthritis, gonarthrosis and other joints arthroses, and also be part of a complex therapy of pathologies of the musculoskeletal system disorders as a fortifying, tonic and anti-inflammatory medical product.

The cream effectively controls the sensation of pain in calcaneal spur – one of the most serious, painful and refractory pathologies. Patients’ testimonials about cream in Great Britain confirm that the medicine not only effectively controls joints pain but also does so in respect to the pain syndrome caused by muscle injuries and sprains. In medical doctors opinion the medicine should be used if the following general indications are observed:

100% natural medicine

The composition of cream is all natural and doesn't contain any harmful artificial additives which can negatively affect functioning of the internals. In the cream production process essential oils, extracts of plants and other ingredients of organic nature are used.

Therapeutic component composition


Red pepper, camphor, turpentine.

Renders potent stimulating effect on blood-vascular system, warms up the affected joints, controls pain attacks

Fir needle and eucalyptus (oils)

Reserves inflammatory processes, restores damaged tissue, disinfects affected regions, and prevents virulent disease.

Horse chestnut

Prevents connective tissue against degenerative changes, reinforces cartilages and muscle tissue.

Menthol and mint (oil)

Restores joints mobility, improves motion activity and stimulates blood flow. The cooling effect helps to promptly get rid of the megalgia.

All of the medical product components are carefully examined for the presence of harmful ingredients and therefore the cream has discernible hypoallergic properties and can be used for the treatment of allergy-predisposed or patients with sensitive skin.

How to use?

Hondrocream manual in Great Britain in details describes how to apply the medicine to achieve the maximum medical effect. The producer recommends using the medicine 1-2 times a day for 14 days. After that period the medicine can be used once a day to control the pain or for a preventive care of pathological conditions. Before applying the cream it is necessary to clean the skin of an affected area from any contamination. After that rub a small amount of the cream onto the skin with massage movements for 5-7 minutes. It is necessary to maintain the cream on the skin for 60 minutes and then to carefully clean the treated surface with warm water.

Medical doctors and patient testimonials in Great Britain confirm that the course treatment is enough to get rid of the pain and to restore joints mobility at any age.

Where to buy?

A lot of counterfeit products flooded the Internet under the brand name of the genuine medicine. Treatment with the use of such counterfeit medicine can aggravate the patient’s condition and have an adverse effect on the patient’s health. Buying the genuine medical product in Great Britain is only possible on the official website the link to which is below.

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